About ProCons: Pioneers in Venture Building and Digital Transformation

ProCons is a dynamic venture builder, specializing in online marketing and helping businesses thrive in an increasingly digital landscape. Founded by Wouter Blom, ProCons harnesses the potential of modern technology and digital marketing to ensure businesses remain competitive and efficient in their respective markets.

With a clear vision that nearly all businesses will need to significantly strengthen their digital presence in the future, ProCons is driven by a mission to provide high-quality, accessible digital solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. Established in 2006, our initial venture, Nieuwbouwwijzer.nl, connected real estate developers to the market through a user-friendly website. This project marked the start of our journey into transforming businesses through digital solutions.

Our expertise spans across various facets of online marketing, including Google Ads, SEO, content creation, link building, social media, email marketing, website development, and online development. This broad spectrum of skills sets us apart from other venture builders and enables us to provide bespoke, targeted strategies for our clients. A shining example of our capabilities is the success of deondernemershypotheek.nl, a platform we founded to help entrepreneurs secure mortgages online.

The venture building process at ProCons is comprehensive and systematic. We begin by conducting a thorough market analysis, specifically examining the potential for effective marketing on Google and social media platforms. Our preference leans towards blue ocean markets and products, where competition is low and opportunities are abundant. We strongly believe in introducing services that can revolutionize the market, offering significant improvements over current solutions, not just incremental benefits. Our process focuses on assembling the right team for each project and building a robust strategy using Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up method.

Our services cater predominantly to business-to-business products and services, specifically those that can leverage the power of Google for marketing purposes. Our success in this domain is exemplified by the hundreds of clients we’ve transformed with our unique online marketing strategies.

Our team, led by Wouter Blom, is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Wouter, a Technical University of Delft graduate, has been at the forefront of the online field since 2006. His technical expertise and curiosity make him an effective leader in digital strategy. He is supported by the dedicated team at Stramark, which includes a coach, HR and sales personnel, and several online marketing consultants.

Looking towards the future, ProCons aims to grow Stramark’s team to 25 professionals, using the strength of this expanded team to support and build companies that bring tangible value to their markets. As the world continues to evolve digitally, ProCons is committed to helping businesses navigate the online world and capitalize on its countless opportunities.


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